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Woman Walking in Forest
Enjoying Sunset

It's all about you

There is a place inside you where fear does not exist

a place where love feels at home and your inner light is always shining

this beautiful place is where you belong

it's who you are.........

Don't let life get in the way of life

we all need a little time out, time of connection, with nature, self and other great souls

Enchanted Barn Camp Retreat is the perfect way to find your authentic you!

we have created a unique, bespoke and beautiful space for you to JustB you

Safe, none judgmental, relaxed cool hangout filled with fun, laughter, loads of fresh air, great food, a real not too woo woo time out from all the busyness 

Come along, relax, center self using mindset and breath work techniques that will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated with a whole new zest for life

Or Why not come with us to the sunshine we are  now hosting numerous retreats abroad in places like Mallorca, Ibiza and other stunning locations

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