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Burn baby burn!!!

Have you ever heard of a burning and planting ceremony? It's an ancient practice that has recently seen a resurgence in popularity and is being used by people all over the world to help them cope with past traumas, old negative beliefs and thoughts, and emotional blocks. The idea is simple – you take some time to write down those things that no longer serve you on paper, set it alight in a safe place, then plant something new like vegetables, flowers or herbs in their place.

This practice isn't just about getting rid of the bad, it's also about creating something positive from it! This can be done through affirmations – writing down what we would like to achieve instead of what we are trying to let go of. Or simply taking the time to daydream about our future selves and what we want for ourselves.

By connecting with nature during this process, we're able to create a physical symbol of transformation while providing us with grounding energy as well as access to universal wisdom. Not only does this help us feel more connected but it can also help us break free from any patterns keeping us stuck or limited.. We get out off clinging onto the harmful past memories which prevent us from manifesting our dreams into reality!

We do this at our Enchanted Barn Retreat and it is one of my favorite activities of the weekend, it is so emotional and powerful, to symbolically let go of negativity and then plant new hopes and dreams. But best of all is the photos I received of everyone's plants & within their hopes and dreams flourishing.

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