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Derailed: Navigating Life's Unexpected Turns

The past few weeks have been quite the rollercoaster, and I couldn't wait to share this wild ride with you all! Ever had those moments when you start off with the best intentions, only to end up hilariously off track? Well, let me regale you with the tale of my recent escapades – a comedy of errors that touched every corner of my existence. Brace yourselves, for it's time to dive into the saga of my epic derailment!

You know that feeling when life decides to throw a curveball, and suddenly, you're hurdling off course with all the grace of a headless chicken? Yep, that's been my specialty these past weeks. From managing my meals to navigating my workouts, even attempting anything resembling a spiritual practice – it's like I hosted an extravagant "Off-the-Track" gala, and every aspect of my life gleefully RSVP'd. Think food, drinks, exercise routines, meditation aspirations, journaling endeavours, and yes, even my social media antics. It's official: I've gone rogue in every possible way!

Back in the day, I'd have given myself the sternest lecture, complete with finger-wagging and a heavy dose of self-critique. Cue the inner monologue: "Congratulations, you've successfully derailed your own plans," "Who needs enemies when you can be your own worst saboteur?" and of course, the timeless classic, "Well, there goes the grand plan – goodbye, ambition!" But wait, plot twist! This time around, I've adopted a fresh lens, a new outlook on this topsy-turvy escapade.

Picture this: social events beckoning, invitations too irresistible to decline, and a persistent itch to let my hair down. Let's not forget, I've been yearning for a personal blowout too. My friendships, those precious gems, were calling out for quality time, and while excessive drinking isn't the magic glue that binds us, there's something about dancing into the wee hours with my partners-in-crime that hits the sweet spot.

Ah, remember that glorious year when I waved goodbye to excess pounds and fully embraced exercise? Well, hold onto that memory, because this year? Life played a different hand. Between juggling real-life dilemmas and seeking solace in comfort food's embrace, it's safe to say my exercise routine took an extended vacation. But here's the kicker – I'm not playing the blame game this time. This is just a season, a phase I'm strolling through. I've conquered those weight-loss peaks before, and guess what? I'll conquer them again. But maybe, just maybe, not at this precise moment.

Ah, my brainchild, the fledgling venture known as justB, barely a year old and already making waves. Sure, I've had grand visions of it reaching the stars by now, but when I stop and appreciate the milestones achieved in this short span, it's like unwrapping a gift of accomplishments.

In recent weeks, I orchestrated a tactical retreat from the grind of justB. It was high time for some introspection. Where's the North Star guiding this ship? How do I weave its elements into a harmonious symphony that resonates? It dawned on me that it's not about counting heads on my social media platforms; it's about creating a genuine connection, fostering a tribe that resonates with justB's essence.

But hold onto your hats, folks – the plot thickens! I wished for clarity, and lo and behold, my social media accounts were hacked! Pictures, contacts, and memories – poof, gone in a digital puff! My PayPal account even fell victim (thank the universe, I managed to reclaim my funds). It's as if a mischievous digital wizard decided to sprinkle chaos on my life's script. Now, here's the kicker: back in the day, I'd have thrown a tantrum that rivalled a toddler. I'd be the reigning champion of outrage, a tempest on legs. But this time? I've embraced a new groove. I refuse to let an anonymous troublemaker snatch my joy. I've done my part, fought the good fight to regain control. The rest? Well, that's destiny's domain.

Looking back, I realise I've often tied myself up in knots over the could be's and should be's, only to find they rarely materialise. So, here's me, leaning into the unknown, embracing the discomfort, and trusting that something beautiful lurks beyond. After all, isn't it true that the sunshine always follows the storm?

Much love Amanda xxx

P.S I hoping to be back soon with exciting news and projects for the future, so watch this space xxx


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