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Lets fly away!

So so soooooooooooo excited to announce that we are taking JustB retreats abroad!

We are off to Mallorca in March 2024 to stay in a stunning luxury villa.

I can not wait to get the sand in my toes and the wind in my hair.... luckily I won't have to wait till March as I am off on a solo self healing trip in two weeks to Ibiza!

For a few years I have been on a journey of discovery, trying to figure out my why, my limiting beliefs and I suppose just trying to find me.

My life like so many others hasn't been easy and most of that is down to me, I can't blame anyone else. I craved love and attention and would seek it in all the wrong places.

Whenever I did receive genuine love and friendship I would self sabotage because I believed I wasn't worthy of love. These un-truths are so deep rooted and complex that for a long time I struggled to see a way out, I spiraled out of control, using sex, drugs and alcohol as a way to escape. There were days when I didn't want to wake up or sober up.

Over the last few years I have got my shit together and started to unravel the root causes of the pain and started on my healing journey, I know that this will not be a quick fix, and there will be painful days, but one step at a time I am beginning to step into my truth and learning to love me.

" if you can't love yourself! how the hell you gonna love somebody else" - Ru Paul.

The justb concept was born through wanting to help others step into their own truth and reconnect with self, and of course mother nature is the greatest healer of all.

The stripped back basic barn retreats have nourished my soul and filled my heart with so much joy! I love looking after everyone, and watching them relax into the weekend.

The last retreat I did in May was so lovely and the sun shone the whole time!

And that made me think, what if we did this in the sun!!

My mind was racing!! I came home scoured the internet for luxury villas and found the most perfect one in Mallorca, and without much thought I booked it!!

I sent out the details to just a few people and within 48 hours it was fully booked!!

My heart was so full! I can’t wait to go and share the experience with everyone that has signed up.

I know it will be a weekend of ultimate relaxation, connection, healing and creating beautiful memories together.

So that feels like a bit of a tease as like I say it's already fully booked/sold out!

But that made me think... maybe this could be a regular feature?

Maybe we could explore other countries and cultures?

So I am looking for some feedback, would you be interested in joining us on a retreat?

If so where?

And what kind of price?

Some ideas I have

  • Mallorca

  • Ibiza

  • Thailand

  • Bali

  • Scotland

  • Wales

Would you prefer basic, camping etc or luxury?

What would be your budget?

  • £250-£350 for 2 nights uk camping/dorm

  • £350-£550 for 2 nights in a cottage uk

  • £650 - £850 for 4 nights in ballerics

  • £1000 - £2000 for 5 to 7 nights in Bali or Thailand

I would be really interested to hear your thoughts or any suggestions.

I know that booking a retreat may seem like a real luxury, but I have realised on my own self healing journey that I need to prioritise me and my wellbeing, I need to get away so that I can be fully alone, without the busyness of life around me, I want to have time to connect with my breath, practice self healing reiki, and play my singing bowls on the beach (probably annoying everyone haha) but if I am to continue to grow and heal I have to put me first, and if that means selling bags and clothes on vinted and living on rice and beans, then so be it! My wellbeing must come first.

So please do send me your thoughts, I would love to hear from you.

Also watch this space as I am going to be launching courses on mindset and breathwork in the near future.

Much love

Amanda xxx

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