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Luxury time out

Yesterday my eldest daughter and I had a little luxury time out

I often struggle with justifying this kind of indulgence, however what I have begun to realise is that the value of spending quality time with each of my girls is priceless

We headed over to Shrigley Hall Hotel and Spa in in the Peak District for an afternoon of doing absolutely nothing

My life is generally so busy, I am always on the go, I don't even sit down to eat! Olivia is the same, she has the entrepreneurial gene in her and is currently running three businesses of her own!

We were both feeling run down, tired and close to burn out

Splurging the cash on a luxury spa day may feel extravagant but it is so so good for the soul

Taking the time out to pamper oneself and take a break from the busyness of everyday life is essential in order to maintain physical, mental and emotional well being

It gives you an opportunity to reset your energy levels and recharge the batteries

We were totally blessed with the weather, the sun shone the whole time we were there

I honestly felt so rejuvenated by the end of it, and almost like I had been on a little mini break in the sun!

We chatted and laughed all day about everything and nothing

It was a perfect day well spent with my beautiful girl

A little luxury is good every now and then

Though next week I will be back to taking my time out on nature walks and cold dips!!

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