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Sand between your toes, well I hope it’s sand

Have you ever felt overwhelmed, overstimulated, or just plain out of sorts? Then it might be time for some grounding! Grounding is a simple, but powerful way to reduce stress and reconnect with your body and the earth. Here are some surprising ways to reap the benefits of grounding.

1 - Take a Thunderous Stroll: Nothing says “grounded” like taking a thunderous walk around the block during an actual thunderstorm (just make sure you’re wearing protective gear!). Not only will this put you in touch with nature's raw power on an energetic level, but it also works as a great cardio workout. Just don't stop to hug any trees!

2 - Find Your Zen In A Garden: If getting drenched in rain isn't your thing, why not try gardening instead? Gardening can help ground you while giving your green fingers something productive to do. Herbs, salads, tomatoes and chilies can all be grown in a pot, so no excuses. Plus, when all is said and done there's nothing quite like picking fresh produce from one’s own garden – self-sufficiency at its finest!

3 - Embrace The Barefoot Life: Did you know that being barefoot is actually really good for grounding? It helps improve balance by connecting us with our natural environment and allowing us to tap into various energies within our bodies. So go ahead — kick off those shoes and let nature work its magic on ya! Just watch what you're stepping in!

4 - Connect With Nature: Whether it be going for hikes through lush forests or simply lying down under starlit skies or even simply sit on a park bench, just make sure you put your phone away, so that you can see and hear the beauty around you. Spending time outside has been proven to have calming effects which can help center oneself while providing ample opportunities to connect with mother earth herself. Why not give it a shot next time you get overwhelmed?

Grounding doesn't have to be serious business; after all laughter really is the best medicine sometimes! So take heed of these fun tips and get outside be it alone or with friends today and experience firsthand how much joy harnessing Mother Nature's energy can bring into your life.

today and experience firsthand how much joy harnessing Mother Nature's energy can bring into your life.

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