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Walks and Waterfalls

Ah, a brisk walk with friends. What could be better for the soul? Well, how about if you mix up that leisurely stroll with a cold water dip? That's right - it turns out walking and taking a cold water dip can be an incredibly refreshing experience!

Here are some of the benefits of walking with a guided group and stopping for a cold water dip:

1. Boosts your mood: When was the last time you felt truly happy after sitting inside all day? Exactly – too long. So why not switch up your routine and take advantage of some beautiful scenery while getting your heart rate going? Not only will this help to clear your head but it can also give you that feel-good boost of endorphins that you’ve been missing out on.

2. Helps to reset your mind: In this age of constant digital distraction, carving out some time for yourself is a must. Taking the opportunity to step away from it all and focus on something else can help to give your brain a much needed rest - so walking with friends in nature, and taking a cold water dip along the way, is an excellent way to do just that.

3. Connects you with others: Getting outdoors with other people offers social interaction without having to worry about uncomfortable small talk or feeling obligated to entertain someone else's company - plus, what better way to bond than by taking part in an invigorating activity together?

So don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone, grab a group of friends and set off for an adventure. Who knows - you might just end up feeling more refreshed than ever before! And I guarantee that after walking with a guided group and taking the plunge for a cold water dip, your soul will thank you for it.

Happy exploring! :-)

I have set up some events called Walks and Waterfalls, come check them out! Easy walks for most abilities, I'm not super fit! and a dip if you feel up to it.

Step outside the comfort zone and get some fresh air, within the safety of an all girl group guided walk with myself a certified cold water therapist.

Lets, walk, talk and laugh a lot xxx

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