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Wow! what a year!

Wow, did I really accomplish all of that? I'm amazed!

Lately, I've been pretty tough on myself, feeling disappointed with where I'm at. It's silly, really—I was measuring my success solely by the amount of money in my bank account. Let's not even go there, ha-ha! But then I decided to sit down and make a list of my wins and achievements, both big and small.

Honestly, I'm gobsmacked by how much I've actually accomplished in just one year! It's so easy to dwell on the negative. Despite starting each day with a gratitude practice and trying to be positive, my default measure has always been monetary. But when I stop and think about all the incredible experiences, adventures, laughter, and even tears along the way, I realize I'm truly rich beyond belief! Money can't buy heartfelt joy. Oh, I know it can help, but it's not everything.

From now on, I'm determined to focus more on my daily wins and blessings and be a little less hard on myself. So, here are just a few of the things I've achieved and enjoyed!

• June 2022: I went on my first wild camping adventure ever! No tent, no toilet—talk about roughing it! It was also my first time taking a dip in cold water and doing breathwork. That weekend was an absolute game-changer.

• July 2022: I had a goal-setting session with a life coach, and that's when I made the decision to run retreats. I had been contemplating it for a while, but this session pushed me to commit and make it happen.

• August: I tried a couple of pole dance classes and managed to lift myself off the ground! Turns out, it wasn't my cup of tea, but hey, at least I gave it a shot.

• August: I visited the Lake District with a friend. We ventured into dark caves (not my favourite, given my issues with darkness and confined spaces) and took a cold water swim.

• August: I planned my retreat and bought all the necessary beds, equipment, and accessories.

• September: I completed an online mindfulness diploma.

• September: I bought a set of Tibetan Bowls and learned how to play them.

• September: I successfully ran the first-ever Enchanted Barn Camp Retreat—it was an absolute delight reaching that point.

• November: I went on a retreat in the Maldives. I needed some space to figure out what I wanted for my future life.

• November: I ended a relationship. Now, this might sound negative, bu it was a positive step. I realized I was in that relationship for all the wrong reasons, and I couldn't pretend any longer. I needed to be true to myself because I've got only one life, and I intend to live it.

• January 2023: I had booked the barn for one weekend a month, and guess what? March is already sold out!

• February 2023: I became a certified cold-water therapist. Brrr, it was chilly, but worth it!

• March 2023: I did my first-ever corporate sound bath at Old Trafford cricket club. Talk about making waves!

• March: I camped out in a tent to raise money for veterans. I even went to the Lake District solo with just my little honey (my fur baby) for company.

• March: I launched my book! It's a short, funny story about a crazy, mad woman and her misadventures. Ha-ha, not everything in there is true, of course!

• March: Barn Camp was amazing!! I had the lovely Georgina join us for breathwork, and it inspired me to learn how to do breathwork myself.

• April: I spontaneously decided to go to PERU!!! Four flights and a 30-hour journey each way, all to complete an immersive course and become a qualified breathwork facilitator. Crazy? Maybe. But it was the most incredible experience.

• April: Just to balance things out, I went to Benidorm! Sometimes, you just need a bit of sun and fun.

• May: Another stunningly beautiful Barn Camp! The sun was shining the whole time, and it left me thinking, "Maybe I could take this show abroad?" Within 48 hours, I found a gorgeous villa in Mallorca, and guess what? It sold out!!!

• June: I had an impromptu camping trip in the Lake District with my eldest daughter and our three dogs! I even convinced her to take a dip in the lake—mother-daughter bonding at its finest.

• June: I completed my level 1 Reiki self-healing. Feeling the good vibes!

• June: I flew to Ibiza alone to work on my self-healing. A friend joined me for a couple of days, and we had the best time embarking on our self-love journey. Singing bowls, journals, reiki, breathwork—you name it, we tried it! Oh, and yes, I got naked too! But don't worry, it was on a nudist beach, not just strolling around town, ha-ha! We both left feeling like brand-new beings and with plans to do a retreat together in Ibiza in the future. That trip solidified my desire to do more retreats abroad.

• July: Another Barn Camp that was simply perfect! The magic continues.

As you can see, my life has been filled to the brim with joy and blessings! I feel incredibly rich. And this isn't even everything—there have been countless walks and talks with friends.

Doing this exercise of listing my achievements has been delightful and liberating. It's so easy to get caught up in the busyness of life and not truly appreciate everything we've accomplished. So why not take a step back and look at all the things you've achieved, no matter how small? Focus on those little moments of joy and celebrate your own victories.


Have a truly blessed day

Much love

Amanda xxx

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